Friday, May 28, 2010

Department's Examination

This week has been a hectic week for me as I have to co-ordinate the guidance course and the Department's course for my officers.

The guidance course was held for 2 days to give some direction to the officers as well as examination tips for the candidates.

By the way, we were well fed during the whole duration with 5-6 courses of meal in one day.

After the course, comes the most stressful moment for the candidates; examination time.

Examination briefing by a senior officer to the candidates

All the examination question papers were sealed. I was part of the team that prepare these questions and I basically knew what will be asked and the answers as well.

The examination was quite a stressful time for my part too as my team need to supervise 250++ of my officers with some of them lack of discipline and did not adhere to the standard examination procedures.

I was a bit disappointed as a higher ranking officer where I consider ourselves as an elite force but most of them do not act like one.

During my time here, I observe our female officers are more serious and well prepared for the examination compare to our male officers. The female tend to be more attentive during the guidance course and make full use of the allocated time in the exam.

One of our officer was warded due to dengue fever on the second day of the examination but he was determine to take the exam. Hence, we need to send an officer to supervise his examination from the hospital.

After they complete their paper, the answer will be collected, packed, sealed and secured in our head office.

This has been quite an experience for me as my section has to plan, budget, arrange and co-ordinate this major project for the past 4 months ago. I just hope our hard effort will not go down to the drain and the officers passed their papers as I will be damned if they don't


Kev said...

government exam huh? :)
which department?

Anonymous said...

wow tough! exam to qualify being promoted? good luck to you!

Ensurai said...

Looks like you are getting more and more able!!