Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Alamanda is the only shopping mall in the Federal Government Administrative Centre, Putrajaya. It serves the resident of Putrajaya and the surrounding town like Cyberjaya.

It is located at Precinct 16, just behind the Government Complex Buildings in Precinct 1.

I usually walk from my office after working hour via the lake promenade and the journey took about 10 minutes only.

The mall is not big by KL standard but tend to be crowded on the weekends as it is the only source of entertainment and relaxation for the residents here.

The mall has a futuristic design on the outside which is quite eye catching and attractive.

Beautiful open squares, gardens and fountains can be found at the back, front and sideways of the mall.

The mall is only a two storey mall with Carrefour and Parkson as its main tenant. Most of the branded items can be found here and it is a decent shopping experience here.

Rasa food court is the affordable place to dine here.

More eating outlets are located outside the mall at the Boulevard for those who prefer open air.

GSC Cinema is the only cinema in Putrajaya. I personally have not been to this cinema but been told it is quite spacious and comfortable.

For those who fancy bowling, there is also a bowling centre just opposite the cinema.

An arcade is also housed here for those who interested to kill their time with video games and etc.

There is also a karaoke lounge just outside the mall for those who are into singing


xsigns said...

How much does a meal, say lunch or dinner cost there?

Borneo Falcon said...

xsings: Depends. In food court, the cheapest can cost around RM 4.50-6.

lifesignx said...

Yo Borneo,

Just curious, do you spend a hefty sum on food and booze there? Coz I notice you got more booze posts nowadays.

fufu said...

wow a nice place!! i wanna go to putrajaya when i am back home next year :)

Johnny Ong said...

the place looked so empty

Borneo Falcon said...

lifesignx: I invest some on the boozes as I can't have it back home

Johnny: Alamanda is usually deserted except during the weekend

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...


Ensurai said...

I hope one day this area will become a model residential area...clean and healthy . Safe and multi racial. Green and slow paced.