Saturday, May 22, 2010

Late Night in Office

Yesterday I had to stay back with my colleagues at the office to get our work done (It's Friday evening). Our section was tasked to get the Department's exam paper ready by next week.

I have to admit it was a donkey-work for us but an order is an order. We had to carry out this task outside office hour due to the confidentiality of the document. It would be a disaster if the questions leaked out to the candidates.

We had some light moments in between to ease ourselves from the tension. We don't even have the opportunity to have our dinner.

We got our job done by 9pm and the teamwork between my colleagues are just wonderful. I hope we will manage to get through more challenges which lie ahead of us

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escape said...

looks like a great team! i think the latest that i went home from office is 8pm.