Monday, May 10, 2010

Pebble Beach @ Wawasan Park

Pebble Beach by the Putrajaya lakeside provides a beach like ambience for those who enjoy pinicking and frolicking in shallow water.

The beach is located within the vicinity of the Wawasan Park. Just follow the promenade at the park and one will come across the beach after a while.

The water here is quite clean thanks to the barriers that surround it to keep the pollution away

There is hardly and beach sand here but the coconuts are thriving here. It's a shame that all the coconuts here are too old and no one around here come to pick them.

This is as close as to a beach in Putrajaya and I bet not many people here know about its existence.

Sri Satria, the official residence of the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia is just opposite this beach.


Ryan said...

Hey, the best beaches are the ones that no-one knows about. Your country is very beautiful.

TZ said...

dude, you told the truth... is there so clean or there is a hidden part... I din know there is a beach in Wawasan Park :p

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Looks so clean.

foongpc said...

Oh! I don't know there's a beach there! But I'm afraid that now you revealed it here, more people will soon know about it!