Friday, October 16, 2009

Reservoir Park

Reservoir Park is probably another beautiful park which has been overlooked by the locals as well as foreign visitors to Kuching City. Now, popularly known as Taman Budaya is one of the historical and cultural heritage centres in the city

The park can be easily accessible from Kuching City Centre on foot. The easiest way is to look for Fata Hotel and walk along Reservoir Road which is located next to the hotel. In less than 5 minutes, the Red crescent Building will be visible. The park is just located behind this building.

The park history can be traced back during the colonial era, during the Brooke dynasty where this place used to be a fresh water reservoir for Kuching. Sarawak's second Rajah, Charles Brooker built the reservoir in 1895 and was in use until 1924

There are quite a number of beautiful and interesting stone carvings at the main entrance of the park.

Reservoir Park is really huge. One might need 1-2 hours walk around it to fully appreciate the park.

The park is mainly occupied by a huge lake, which I reckon used to be the fresh water reservoir for the city. Water from the reservoir flowed through a stream called Sungai Kuching Ulu but this waterway no longer existed as it had been covered up roads

The city council is trying to encourage the public to exercise at this park with this informative signboard on how much calories one can burn by just walking, jogging or running around this park. A complete lap around this park is estimated to be about 1km

I should bring my trainer in the future and jog in this serene surrounding. The shade around this park made it possible to even jog during the scorching afternoon around 3pm

There are also some smaller paths that branched off from the main walking path which could lead to the nearby main roads

A turtle statue

This structure reminds me of a place in Bristol

The prominent Japanese Bridge and jetty can be found at the main lake. I been told this used to be a favourite spot/venue for shooting wedding album.

At a corner of the main lake is this weird tree which grew horizontally into the lake.

The secondary lake is located at a higher ground is separated from the main lake by this waterfall structure

The secondary lake

Children playground in the park

I really love this park and I vowed to spent more time in my next visit here to appreciate its surrounding beauty and tranquility.


Superman said...

I like the big rock turtle.

ChrisAu said...

Nice place, BF. It seems very quiet... you took it during the off peak hours ?(working hours?) Looks very serene and relaxing!

ChrisAu said...

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SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

This is beautiful, so relaxing. remind me of the "Taman Tun Fuad in Penampang, kota kimabalu". Anyway, nice pics.

Anonymous said...

the place looks like it has gone thru a few changes, can't remember ever seeing one rock turtle there. used to be my jogging place few yrs ago. i miss this place. really!

escape said...

actually it looks more like a park over being a reservoir. perfect for cycling and running. one dam here also has a park. i like the rock arts!

wenn said...

such beautiful view..