Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fai Kee Restaurant, Ipoh

Just opposite The Regency Tower Hotel Ipoh is a road called Jalan Seenivasagam (hope I don't get the name wrong) where we came across Fai Kee Restaurant on a hot afternoon.

There was this poster in front of the restaurant that highlights their signature dishes and their appearance in the local newspaper.

The display caught my attention and there was a reasonable huge crowd here which suggest the food here should be good.

The menu served here are well posted on the wall. The food price looks reasonable with the price range from RM4-6.

Fish Head Mee Hoon (RM5) where the waft of the aroma is enough to tickle my appetite. Thumbs up for this dish.

Their coconut juice (RM3.80) tastes so great that ordering just one is simply not enough. I reckon this coconut is either imported from Thailand or Taiwan.

One can dine in the restaurant or below this tree opposite the restaurant. Most people prefer to dine under the tree.


Reanaclaire said...

Its been quite awhile since i last ate that fish head meehoon in fai kee... they have other varieties as well which i havent tried before.. the under the tree thingy, i think only in the evening they r allowed to eat by the roadside.. that stall is famous for its curry fish head eaten with noodles or rice, the shop is called Lets Rock.. :)

ChrisAu said...

Guess I never really been here. Well, it seems like I don't really know Ipoh well.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

RM3.80? for the coconut? expensive!!