Sunday, October 11, 2009

360 Hotel

Recently I stayed in 360 Hotel, which is one of the new hotels been established in Kuching city. I have no idea on the rating of this hotel but from my experience, it could be easily a 4 star hotel.

The hotel is located just next to Hock Lee Centre. It might not be an ideal location for travelers but one can still easily reach Kuching city centre with 10 minutes walk.

Taxi from the airport will cost RM22 to reach this hotel. There is hardly any parking space within the hotel for those who plan to drive here. However, there are lots of open area parking spaces behind the hotel (Ang Cheng Ho area) where one need to purchase parking coupon during day time. Safety can also be an issue also parking there at night.

There is a small waterfall structure just beside the main entrance to the hotel.

The lobby area is pretty small by my standard. Check in time is a bit longer for my liking (considering I already confirmed my reservation online). There is a computer at the edge of the lobby area for the hotel guests to get online.

Security is almost assured while staying at this hotel as almost all access points will require the hotel guests to scan their room card.

The card need to be scanned in the elevator to access room floor, swimming pool (4th floor), Hock Lee shopping complex (3rd floor) and the coffee house, Horizon (18th floor)

Sarawak Timber Association building and Crown Square Shopping Centre can be seen once exiting the elevator

The corridor to the room. On average there is about 8 rooms per floor. The corridor is cooled with a split unit air conditioner units which are not usually on.

I was immediately impressed with the room the moment I step into it. It's huge and spacious to my liking. Flat LCD TV is installed to the wall. There is a king size bed which easily fit 2 person and a single bed which can potentially squeeze another 2 person on it. Each bed has extra comfortable pillows with additional small pillows to complement them. I have to say, I slept rather comfortably here for 2 nights.

By the way, only the door card will activate the room power supply. Substituting it with other card will not work. This is an indication that the hotel management is committed to save electricity on its premise.

With the Deluxe Room rate at RM155 (internet rate) I am more than satisfied. The room can be booked by internet at least 5 days in advance. Otherwise, one can always e-mail them where they will reply promptly at the same day.

The room also has a wide window which overlook the Sarawak River and Ang Cheng Ho commercial area

There is a safe deposit locker in the room which I use frequently. I always like a room with a safe locker where I can store my valuables when I am away.

The bathroom/toilet on the other hand is a bit small. Well, at least they got bathtub.

Some of the amenities available at the hotel. Internet line is readily available for free. To my dismay, newspaper is not available for each individual room guest. The room guest can either read the newspaper at the lobby or the coffee house, Horizon.

The coffee and tea sachets in this hotel are a bit different from other hotels. In fact I never come across these brands.

There are also some travel magazines such as Borneo Talk (which can be extremely useful for first time visitor to Kuching) available at the reading table.

I also saw this advertisement regarding free shuttle service from the hotel to airport and vice versa on the reading table. However, I tried to book one a day before I checked out only to find out it is not available (apparently, the shuttle bus serve the hotel to Damai Beach).

Getting a taxi here is not difficult. Just ask the front desk to call up a taxi (they will radio taxi from Kuching Park Hotel) or just walk to the adjacent Kuching Park Hotel where most of the taxis congregate.

There is no feedback form for the guest satisfaction about the hotel. However, I saw this note on the table after back from work where the housekeeping department left a feedback form which only covers their department

The hotel management is also committed to preserve the environment as there is this note by the side table where the room guest can opt to change the bed sheet every day or not.

For the record, 360 Hotel will open another branch called 360 Xpress at Song Thian Cheok Road (the former Upwell Department Store building). This location is more ideal for travelers as it is right in the heart of Kuching city.

By the look, 360 Xpress might offer a less comfortable stay than the 360 Hotel. However, I expect the room rate here to be in the region of RM80-120.

In a nutshell, I am very satisfied with 360 Hotel. The room is top notch and security will not be an issue. Complimentary breakfast is given but the breakfast here is terrible. I will definitely come back and stay here again.


Malaysia Asia said... next trip to Kuching, I will be staying here for sure!!! Gotta contact my 'jalan' in Kuching to get dealer rates :)

Thanks man!

Malaysia Asia

Anonymous said...

the hotel caught fire just recently. small damage only. its out of the town center but i qt like the area.

Ciela said...

It's obviously a nice hotel. Almost comparable to a 5 star.