Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival 2009

Yesterday was Mid-Autumn Festival for the Chinese community. Lantern is a must for this type of celebration.

I had searched around the town and get myself a lantern for RM4.80 (what a rip-off). This lantern can be fold and illuminated with an LED light.

There was a huge event in the town where a massive lantern procession took place. We decided not to go there and head to Rejang Park traffic garden where a people converge every year there to carry lantern.

It was a beautiful night with the children carrying the lanterns of all shapes and colours around the park.

This glow band was also a hit among the youngster and children at the park.

We were blending into the atmosphere and crowd

The traditional lanterns which are illuminated with a candle from the inside still remains popular to some of the patrons here.

I was trying to capture the night scene of the park using night mode with my camera

Here I spotted a cute little girl who voluntarily pose in front of my camera

We then head to the town centre to check out the situation there and the roads were jam packed with vehicles. Sibu Gateway was also too crowded and we decide to call it a day.


wenn said...

wow..that's nice..i recalled playing lanterns when I was young..

Superman said...

Wow, you really go around the whole Sibu tonight to all the places with lanterns. Hehe. I didn't go to Rejang Park Traffic Garden this year. But can see from your pics it is still packed with people.
Happy Mooncake Festival to you!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

wahhhh very nice with all the lanterns. By the way, $4.50? for the lantern? yup it's rip-off. (*_*).

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

oh sorry $4.80. still rip-off heheh.

Ben said...

the candlelit lanterns remind me of my childhood, whereby we used to light the candles with our hands shield the wind and then slowly put into the lantern as not to burn it :D Nowaday kids are pampered lot as they can just flip the switch at flip seconds and the battery operated lantern will light up and not to worry about wind blow :D But I still love the candlelit lantern as there is just something missing with the battery operated one ;)

Bengbeng said...

it was jam packed becos a section of the road was closed to traffic. oic it is called glow bands. i called it color sticks in my upcoming post about urban poverty. i will amend the post. thanks :)

foongpc said...

Must have had a good time! I used to enjoy playing with lanterns when I was small. Oh, this reminds me of my childhood! : )