Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photos around Kuching

As I had limited time when I was in Kuching last month, I just walk around the city for 2 hours as I have some work here and notice some of the changes since my last visit here.

Soon to be open Pullman Hotel and Hills Shopping Mall, not far away from Hilton Kuching

Major hotels in Kuching, Hilton and Riverside Majestic Hotel

While at Green Hill Road, I noticed a shop which sold chicken rice and fried kueh tiau at jaw dropping price, RM1.80

Another new hotel been established, The Lime Tree Hotel at Abell Road which is quite ideal for travelers and sight seeing.

This time around, the new State Legislative Assembly Hall has been completed and operational

Main Bazaar Road which houses a lot of souvenir shops

Medan Pelita and Harbour View Hotel

Wayang Park

Top Spot Food Court, a popular dining spot for locals and foreigners

Pandungan Road used to be an industrial area in the early days of Kuching

Old shop houses along Pandungan Road. Some had been established since 1920s

Alleyways along Pandungan Road seems to have these marble chairs for the city folks.

A rugby field (I been told this used to be a race horse field) behind the shop houses at Pandungan Road. In the evening, there will be some youngster practicing rugby here.

This is probably the first fire station for Kuching at Pandungan Road

Travillion Mall has been around for quite sometime now but I still see quite a number of spaces not rented out yet.

tHe Spring shopping mall, which is not located in city centre also has changed tremendously with more shops available as well as a big modern cinema on its 3rd floor


Malaysia Asia said...

Ohh... Pullman opening there too. Wow, lately lots of hotels opening in Kuching...becoming like KL.

Malaysia Asia

Kikey Loo said...

hmm, i never been to Kuching yet..

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Bro...obviously, Kuching has changed a lot yeah?

wenn said...

it's a nice town..

Superman said...

Nice photos of Kuching. I like the building that is so colourful one.

TZ said...

I missed Kuching... Meow Meow...
Wanna to go back for the kolo mee, sarawak laksa etc... Sunset @ Sarawak River :)

eunice said...

Hello! I may be going to Sabah soon... Did u blog about Sabah before? I couldn't find it here :)

foongpc said...

Nice photos! Thanks for showing us places in Kuching : )

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Love the Wayang park, it's colorful.