Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Breakfast @ Wild Rice Restaurant, Boulevard Hotel

Another reason why I like to stay at Boulevard Hotel is because of its delicious sumptuous breakfast at Wild Rice Restaurant (I forgot which floor but it shares the same floor with the hotel swimming pool and gymnasium).

Once exiting from the elevator, the corridor is decorated with the hotel's signature paint drawings.

Every time I was here, the dining place was not so crowded which is something I prefer. The hotel does not give complimentary breakfast for those who stayed here. Another extra RM18 need to be forked out by the visitors in order to dine here for breakfast. The truth is the extra RM18 is really worth it.

It has a large dining hall to cater the massive hotel occupants. The ambience here is to my liking.

For those who prefer fresh air, dining al-fresco style is also available outside with tables by the poolside or the koi pond.

It's pretty relaxing to dine here while watching the fishes swim by. Japanese Carp (koi) occupies most of the pond here.

Office buildings at Midvalley City and The Gardens Hotels can be seen from the poolside. I wonder how many people will be observing me if I were to swim here.

I will start with the fruit counter because ideally we should consume fruits first in our meal. All the fruits here are fresh and sweet. The hotel is very consistent in serving quality fruits (as this is my 2nd stay here).

Another thing I like about the place is that they serve muesli for breakfast. Visitors will have at least 4 choice of muesli to choose from. Stewed fruits and dry cereals are also ideal to start our day.

Fruit juice counter is also my favourite. They don't serve those diluted juices which I encountered in most hotels I stayed.

I seldom take coffee and tea when having breakfast in hotel (as we have those tea and coffee sachets in our room). I was amazed they even have brown sugar and the low calories sugar available here.

I am not a big fan of porridge but my wife is. Even she gave a thumb up for the porridge here.

Another thing you don't see very often, the Japanese pickles. I usually don't eat these kind of stuffs but they are simply delicious.

Soup is served everyday. They had miso and vegetable soup during my 2 days stay here.

The salad bar

Sandwich and bread counter with all sort of fillings available

You can even cook your own style of noodle, kway teau and rice vermicelli here

I usually don't take nasi lemak for breakfast even though it is known as the national dish in KL.

I rarely venture into the egg counter as I do not want to add too much cholesterol into my diet.

The western food served here is top notch. My personal favourite is the one with minced meat stuffed inside the tomatoes.

Decent Asian food served here. They are not great but still consumable.

Large selection of cakes for dessert

For RM18, breakfast at Wild Rice Restaurant might benefit those heavy eaters. As for me, I am no longer young and able to take full advantages of the food variety here.


wenn said...

wow..so much variety of food there..

Reanaclaire said...

wah... u really went round snapping huh? i didnt la.. i am shy to go and snap though i wanted to very badly... yes, the wild rice place was so nicely decorated, just next to the swimming pool... so beautiful, i bet more beautiful in the evening too...

ChrisAu said...

wow.... this really a good place to have breakfast!!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Wah, breakfast buffet. I love buffet (*_*).

Kikey Loo said...

quite a lot of choice leh!

Grace said...

Beautiful photos and very interesting place! Thanks for sharing, Borneo. :)

TZ said...

hmmm... just wondered when you came over to KL?

Johnny Ong said...

those serving looks like buffet dinner to me

Annie Q said...

Oh..i didn't know Boulevard coffee house serve not bad buffet breakfast huh? Quite a lot variety.

Ciela said...

Plenty food for breakfast. Interesting!