Monday, October 26, 2009

Fleet Platinum

Recently I was introduced a new shuttlecock by a sales lady from a local sport store. She introduced me the Fleet Platinum shuttlecock which she claims to be very durable as she had played with it as well (I am curious about her badminton skill level though)

I never really use Fleet brand in the past as they are well known to imitate the rackets and shoes design from another established brand such as Yonex.

The Fleet Platinum cost RM62 per tube, which is quite pricey for shuttlecock (a good shuttlecock price should be around RM52-56 now). Fleet Platinum claims that the feathers for these shuttlecocks are specially selected to ensure its durability.

The packaging also indicated that Fleet has been registered into the Malaysia Book of Records in a number of categories in 2003-2006. Some of those categories are biggest shuttlecock replica and biggest badminton racquet replica.

It is also from the packaging I realize Fleet head office is in Japan. All this while I thought the brand was originated from Malaysia.

The shuttlecock looks like any other good badminton shuttlecock in the market. It has a black sticker at the base of the shuttlecock.

It is time to put the shuttlecock to test. We used it in our double match (intermediate skill) in a 15 points system. The shuttlecock feel and sound nice when touched by the racket's string. It has a nice flight performance. One of my friend even compliment it is one of the best shuttlecock he played with.

The shuttlecock still remain intact and in good condition after the first game. No detached feather and I'm impressed.

There were signs of deterioration on the shuttlecock by the end of our second game. However, its performance was not compromised during the whole duration of the second game. I have to say, this is one durable shuttlecock.

Shortly after playing into the third game, the shuttlecock performance dropped and spin out of control. I quickly assessed the damaged on it and found its shape had deformed and no longer fit to play.

Fleet Platinum is one impressive shuttlecock but the price tag on it could be an issue. There are still a few brands of shuttlecock which can match its performance and durability at slightly lower price (around RM6-8) than Fleet Platinum.


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Huuu look fancy (*_*).

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Thanks for the info. I have not been playing badminton for a very looooooong time.....hahahaha

Superman said...

Long time never play already...expensive games.

wenn said...

some shuttlecocks can be very costly..