Monday, May 11, 2009

Transformers Armada: Starscream

Starscream as usual act as the second in command of the Decepticons army. He constantly seeking opportunity to wrest the leadership of the Decepticons from Megatron/Galvatron

Here is the packaging by Takara for Starscream for the Transformers Armada series

It comes with Starscream, 2 missiles and a Minicon called Swindle

Starscream's alternate mode is a jet fighter that resembles a Sukhou Su-35. As with the G1 Starscream, it appears mainly in red and white colour.

There is a special Minicon port, just for Swindle below the fuselage

The powerful twin null laser cannons will be activated by the Minicon when placed on the rear Minicon port

In alternate mode, Starcream can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 Minicons (taking into account the special port for Swindle under the fuselage)

Swindle alternate mode is a racing car

Here is the transformation instruction by Takara.

Starscream and Swindle in robot mode. He looks almost like the G1 Starscream from the front view

Starscream from different angles in robot mode. The side view is a bit awkward with a protruding structure behind his shoulder

As with the alternate mode, the twin null laser cannons will be activated over his shoulder when the Minicon is placed at its port. In the robot mode, Starscream can hold up to 3 Minicons

Starscream has another weapon, the left wing can transforms to energised sword blade. Unfortunately, the right wing is unable to transform to a sword (which is a shame as it will be cool to have 2 swords).

This is an unofficial combination between Starscream and Galvatron. I just think they look meaner this way.

Starscream and his loathed commander, Galvatron

Lastly, Starscream's bio card details from Takara. I would expect his fireblast to be 9 due to his powerful twin null laser cannons.


Superman said...

You just got yourself a new toy. Nice for you. I am waiting for the new Transformer movie to be out soon!

escape said...

i wish i still have those toys and play with my nephew.

Ben said...

Chang Yee, it is the most detail posting for starscream I ever read... I never realised his left wing can be use as sword blade ... i think he might has a weak hand thus only can holds one sword with two hands at a time :D

Anonymous said... bro!! how much this cost? Just nice for Revenge of the Fallen!