Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bintangor Recreational Park

Bintangor Recreational Park greets visitors as they were about to enter Bintangor town by road. The park is quite conspicuous and one should have no problem noticing it. Probably the tricky part is to find its entrance

There is a small lake inside the park. Interestingly the colour of the water is brownish which lead me to believe the water could be sourced from the river.

There is a small "island" in the middle of the lake which is linked by a bridge

The Bintangor Orange which is the official symbol of this town is located at this small "island"

There are plenty of trees around the park. I reckon it is a good place for a walk in the evening

Playground and sheds are also available

I notice an abandon lake somewhere behind the park. It is overgrown with water lilies. I really hope someone could return this lake to its former glory.

Overall, this park is worth a visit if one take a short trip to this sleepy town. I would love to jog for a few laps in this park if only time permits


Superman said...

having fun at the green green glass of park? nice place for jogging.

Anonymous said...

neat place..
it's really green over there..
haha =D

mhel said...

This looks like a pretty interesting park especially it has a walking trail around the lake.

sabahking said...

nice place !! if can walk there at evening sure very nice !!

foongpc said...

Definitely a nice place to jog during the mornings or evenings. I would love to jog there too! : )

Johnny Ong said...

i realy wonder whether u can recall how blog postings u have done on parks found in sarawak. sarawak is big enuf to have more parks than other states

Anonymous said...

How come no one in the park?

escape said...

great borneo falcon! ive been visiting your blog last week but it too so long to download the whole page. now finally had the chance to download it completely at a relative good time.

i also wish that the abandoned lake will get back the beauty that it can possess.