Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer is probably the most recognizable beer in the South East Asia and originated from Singapore. However, there is a brewery in Shah Alam for the Malaysian market.

Tiger Beer had won many awards over the years and one of them is "The Coolest Brand" in the UK for 3 consecutive years from 2004-2006.

In the can version, there are 320ml, 325ml and 330ml in the market. Many people do not realize this but the content is an indication where this beer was made from. The 320ml is produced in Malaysia, 325ml in Singapore and the 330ml is manufactured in the Philippines. I got this tips from a coffee shop owner here.

Like other beer, Tiger beer alcohol content is at 5% and best served around 4-6 degree Celcius.

As usual, I always like my beer served chilled from the bottle rather than the can. A bottle of this beer (325ml) can be purchased around RM6-6.50 in my hometown and RM11 for 3 cans.

Tiger Beer can be found rather easily around this region. I used to enjoy Tiger Beer at one stage of my life as it is less bitter and smoother.


Superman said...

sepuluh tiga! Haha.

Grace said...

I'm curious how it taste, but too bad, I am not allowed any alcohol for six months because I am under medication.
Have a happy weekend, Borneo. :)

JL said...

Ah. Interesting hint about the can content.

claudia said...

the old blog was having some problems so I finally decided to move there (just take off a "Y" from the old url!)
please update you kinks and bookmarks!
thanks :-)

woooow tigerbeer... cool! :-D

escape said...

oh you should try lambanog! not sure if it's unique to the philippines.

eunice said...

Huh.. I don't like Tiger beer as I find it too bitter... though it's a Singapore brand..but I found it cheaper in Vietnam

Anonymous said...