Friday, May 29, 2009

Transformers Armada: Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the leader and commander of the Autobots. In the Armada series, he continues the qualities and the characteristics of the Optimus Prime from the older series.

Packaging by Takara is rather informative. One will have some idea on what to expect. Optimus will have a battle station and combine with his trailer to form a bigger structure.

They packaging comes with semi trailer, trailer, 1 missile, rifle, Mini-con Sparkplug and 2 smokestacks.

Up close with the semi trailer. Optimus still maintain the usual red and blue colour, just as in the G1 series

The trailer can be attached to the semi trailer. A machine gun is readily available at the trailer, just behind the cab to attack his enemy.

In vehicle mode, Optimus Prime can hold up to 4 Mini-cons (6 Mini-cons if the storage bays at the trailer are taken into account)

Mini-con Sparkplug is a Lamborghini in his alternate mode. Sparkplug basically pays homage to a human character in the Transformers G1 series.

Optimus Prime and Sparkplug

Optimus Prime robot mode. The smokestack becomes Prime's weapon in this mode. Easily used for defense against the Decepticons.

The smokestacks can be combine to form a small gun for Optimus Prime

The Autobots Matrix of Leadership is stored in his chest. However, the Matrix can't be removed. Note Armada Prime's face resemble the one in G1.

Optimus Prime trailer transforms to a battle station for himself and several Mini-cons.

Optimus Prime's rifle can be attached to the station for better aim. Several turrets will also pop out and operated by the Mini-cons for defense purpose.

There are 2 storage compartments in the trailer/base station to store Mini-cons

Overload can transforms to a set of cannons and attached to the base station for added firepower

Optimus Prime can combine with its trailer to form Optimus Prime Super Mode. There is hardly any articulation for this toy in this mode.

In the cartoon series, when Sparkplug is attached to Optimus Prime Super Mode, it activates a wide array of powerful laser and firing them at the enemies. In this mode, Optimus can hold 4 Mini-cons

For more firepower, Overload can combine with Optimus Prime Super Mode to form a set of cannons over his shoulders.

For aerial capability, Optimus Prime combine with Jetfire to form Jet Prime (Jet Convoy in Japanese). Jetfire now form his leg and the landing gear/shield become the chest plate/shield

For added fire power and aerial capability to defeat Megatron/Galvatron, Optimus is capable of combining with both Jetfire and Overload

The three of them also can be attached to each others in vehicle mode as shown above. Overload's trailer can be attached to Optimus's trailer with Jetfire shuttle mode resting on Overload's trailer.

Finally, the combination of those 3 Autobots make a formidable fighting machine. The toy is quite heavy in this mode and there is not much articulation that can be achieved

In this mode, Optimus can hold up to 10 Mini-cons

Optimus Prime had a perfect 10 in his bio data card. The toy has little articulation and Optimus looks a bit awkward in his Super Mode. However, these shortcomings had been dealt with in the following series, Energon and Cybertron.


I AM A BLOGGER said...

Omg, tat is totally cool! I hv a friend who is also a transformer lover and he loves to collect them. Haha, can't wait for transformer 2...

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Asian Traveler said...

Uhm, I really don't have any idea about transformers action figures. I have learned about Optimus Prime from the movie "Transformers" with Shia LaBeouf. Nevertheless, these transformers look really cool.

escape said...

you're one transformer addict! i still wish i have those too.

complicated girl said...

my brother's would love to own these stuff..i'm a bbig fan myself..we grew up watching this cartoon..can't wait for the second installment...

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Xiao-Kia said...

wow! amazing toys... so special i also want... give me.. :P

TNH said... owe all never have my own transformer not even when i'm still kid

JL said...

Hi Borneo Falcon, thanks a lot for joining in my giveaway. I'm sure you can get the answer, I'll be constantly updating the hints to make it easier and easier for everyone. ^^

Johnny Ong said...

wow, didnt that optimus prime can be extended up to that extent

Sarah said...

Wow! That is totally awesome!!!

Iodaspark said...

Fantastic sharing! Keep the passion burning...