Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Merdeka Park, Sarikei

Merdeka Park was built in 2004 in the effort to turn Sarikei town into a more artistic town

The park is easily accessible from Jalan Abdul Rahman, Jalan Repok and Jalan Masjid Lama. It is basically located behind the town bus station

It has a cental courtyard. There used to be a fountain with dancing water at the central courtyard. The fountain would be nice feature on a hot sunny day.

Zen balls and squares occupy a portion of the park

The best way to enjoy park is to sit at the shed which is located at a corner of the park.

Food court adjacent to the park

This park is worth a visit when stopping over at the town. With some brush up and maintenance, I believe this park will be another well known landmark for the town.


Hidet said...


Cantiknya tempat ni.
Bila ye nak dapat jejakkan kaki ke tu..


JL said...

Great place that is well-maintained. :)