Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Transformers Armada: Jetfire

Jetfire serves as Optimus Prime second in command in the Autobots rank. His cheerful personality helps to bridge the distance between the serious Prime as leader and his troops. He is also brave enough to speak up and tell Prime to his face that he is wrong.

Packaging by Takara

Jet fire can Powerlinx with Optimus Prime to become Jet Prime (Jet Convoy in Japanese)

The package consists of Jetfire, Minicon Comettor, shield/landing gear and 2 missiles

Transformation instruction manual from Takara. It also contains the transformation instruction to powerlinx with Optimus Prime

Jetfire transforms into a space shuttle; some said it is inspired by the X-71 shuttle from the film Armageddon

Comettor transforms to a lunar rover and mount as landing gear for Jetfire in shuttle mode

Both Comettor and shield form the landing gears for Jetfire in shuttle mode

When Comettor been plugged into the Minicon port at the gun/thruster, it triggers two spring loaded tail fins to pop out

The cargo bay of the shuttle mode can store Minicons in it

In shuttle mode, Jetfire can holds a maximum of 4 Minicons (including the special port for Comettor)

Jetfire and Comettor in robot mode.

The landing gear becomes a shield for his robot mode while one of the thrusters becomes a large gun.

In robot mode, Jetfire can holds up to 3 Minicons at a time

View of Jetfire in robot mode from different angles

Lastly, his biodata. I was rather surprised his rank is 10 for a second in command. I would had though his rank should be appropriately 9.


sabahking said...

when i was young i also like to construct robot !! this is feel very satisfy when finish construct the robot !! u agree with me?

Robo said...

You really a Transformer Diehard fan! Ha!
I heard the Movie Transformer 2 is coming to town, correct?

Borneo Falcon said...

I only follow the series which I think is well developed.

I don't think in the Transformers movie and the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the writers and director failed to understand the concept of Transformers. Man, they should really watch the G1 from 1985 until the latest series.

Anyway, Jetfire will make his appearance in the coming movie and best of all, will able to combine with Optimus Prime.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

tat is so cool!!! hahaha, i bet u hv a collection by now.

Ben said...

Wow Chang Yee, another cool collection of Transformer ;) I like jetfire too and he is such as cheeky guy and will speak his mind bluntly to anyone face including his boss :D

Superman said...

You really have a lot of collections. I am waiting for the movie of Transformer 2.

escape said...

this one i really really like. though i always go for the decepticons.