Friday, May 15, 2009

Bintangor Rojak

Besides the green oranges, Bintagor is famous with another delicacy, the Bintangor Rojak. Rojak is a fruit and vegetable salad.

We actually combed the whole Bintangor town for the famous stall selling the Bintangor Rojak but unable to locate it initially. We had to ask a few locals to finally locate the famous stall. It is located at Jalan Mahkamah.

The reason why we overlook it in the first place is because we didn't thought the stall would be located at Islamic food eateries stall.

Here is where the famous stall is located, at the Islamic food eateries stall.

The famous stall is stall No. 7: Wong Hung Ping. This place was crowded when we arrived there as it was public holiday and many people from Sibu and nearby Sarikei town travel here just to taste its famous Rojak.

All the food and drinks price list are well displayed. It is obvious there was a price hike for all the food and drinks over the years. This stall also sell its famous Rojak sauce for RM7 per bottle.

The stalls here are mainly selling halal food except the last 2 stalls which serve Chinese food

The main highlight of the dish sold here, the famous Bintangor Rojak (RM 5). I was rather disappointed with the portion as I could get more in my hometown for exactly the amount paid. Frankly speaking, it does not taste any different from any rojak I tasted before. The "magical" ingredient should be the roasted peanut, which I find to be delicious.

Another must try drink here is the Bintagor Orange Juice (RM 2.50). Made from the freshly squeezed local Bintagor oranges, this drink is simply refreshing.

Other drinks are also available here. ABC Jalok (RM 1.30) and Wu Yi Tun (RM 1.60)


Anonymous said...

have been around sarikei and sibu for a long time, i'd never tasted bintangor famous rojak.

Superman said...

the rojak is nice but the drinks there are not that good. maybe next time have to try the bintagor orange juice as other drinks are not so nice over there.

Johnny Ong said...

different place with different delicacies ..... people who gets to travel or likes to travel will have more stories to tell / share

foongpc said...

Oh, I must try the Bintangor orange juice if I were to go there! : )

Bengbeng said...

the mutiara ( jln pedada ) food court rojak oso not bad