Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pizza Hut: Starbite Cheesy Extreme

We went to Pizza Hut to try its latest product, The Starbite Cheesy Extreme. As there are only 2 outlets in Sibu, we went to the outlet at Sing Kwong Mall at Jalan Salim.

I like the interior design of this outlet compare to the one at Wisma Sanyan.

However, the view is not spectacular. One can just view the vast car park from here.

The pizza size is well illustrated here from large, regular to personal

This outlet also deliver pizza order. It is well advertised on the tissue paper on the table.

The placard for its new product, Starbite Chessy Exteme is well placed on the table. It looks so nice on the menu. 1 set cost RM 31,90 and will consist of 2 bowl of soup, 4 pieces of breadstix, 2 glasses of 7up Rev and a medium size pizza.

I always enjoy the mushroom soup at Pizza Hut. They never fail me in the soup department. The soup is always consistent and rich in flavour. The breadstix (topped with parmesan cheese) also taste good.

For side order, we ordered large Hut's platter (RM12.90) which consists of 4 pcs of tempura king prawn, 4 tempura calamari ring and large criss cut fries. The dish is served with cool lime mayonnaise sauce.

Here comes the main dish, the pizza itself which appears to be star shaped. I was a bit disappointed as the pizza looks slightly different from what we saw at the menu. I not even sure whether the tuna is supposed to be added to it.

Each chunk can be easily separated with finger. Each chunk had a sausage inside it, topped with tuna, crab meat, pineapple, Mozzarella, Parmesan & Cheddar flavoured cheese.

The pizza comes with its condiment. I think it is a preserved fruit (sweet and sour) or some sort but it really added more flavour to the pizza. Just dip the pizza chunk into it.

In total, I had to paid RM51.50 for the whole meal, inclusive of government tax and service charge.

Strangely, we were not served with 2 glasses of 7up Rev. Instead they substituted it with coke, a slight digress from the menu. The Starbite Cheesy Extreme did not met my expectation and Pizza Hut could have done better.


Anonymous said...

didn't know there's such a special outlet for pizza hut. This is really enlightening!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i've been there "D

Kuching Remisier Blog said...

owh.. i never think to go pizza hut one.. maybe dont like haha..

seem like have to spent alot there haha

Anonymous said...

Cool interior design..
I like it..