Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hoover Memorial Garden

Reverend James Hoover is another prominent figure in Sibu town and he is immortalized at Hoover Memorial Garden.

The Memorial Garden is situated at Sungai Merah, opposite the Shell oil depot.

When entering the garden, one will not miss this prominent structure at the centre of the garden.

On closer inspection, the structure bear some resemblance with the Fountain of Wealth in Singapore.

At one corner, there is a section called "Widow's Oil". There is no explanantion whatsoever here regarding the purpose of this section

There is a row of 9 lamp posts here. Interestingly, each of the lamp post represent a morale value

I believe this is the morale values Rev James Hoover try to instill to the public during his day; Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control.

Nothing spectacular about the view from the garden

There is a long stretch of marble structure here which caught my attention. There are stars flanking the middle section.

The history and achievement of Rev James Hoover is well illustrated here with photos. I believe the school (primary and secondary) which I went to when I was a kid and teenager were founded by this man.

I would regard Rev James Hoover as the hero for the Chinese immigrant and people of Sibu generally as he is the one that light their darkest hour back then.

The stars represent 1,118 pioneer Chinese immigrant I assume who make their way to Sibu.

A paragraph from the bible can be found on the floor.

The garden is a nice place to relax and understand the history and contribution of Rev James Hoover. The only thing lacking is a nice view to compliment with the garden.


Anonymous said...

keep it up with all these posts, BF! Didn't know there are such histories and places in Sibu! Well done!

Johnny Ong said...

that prominent structure looked like a spaceship that had just landed. the lamp post design is really good.

but the surprising one is that the authorities allowed the memorial for a reverend

escape said...

wow! you recommend a good place here. but again as you have said it lacks something more to really attract tourists.

Anonymous said...

didn't know about this place. shall drop by one day. i think sibu has the most memorial for reverends. like wong nai siong, etc.

Nanaybelen said...

wow! a very meaningful lamp post and also cute.
keep on posting about your place .
been there in malaysia for one night stop over in kuala Lumpor. That was long time back when I was working in UAE
nice to see you in Dong's site

eunice said...

This Sibu town seems very big!! I can see there are many big parks in this town! LOL

kegler747 said...

Is this a public park? Where are the people?

TNH said...

wow..i wonder how many memorial garden are there in sibu?? really don't know sibu got all this place...even in KCH i also don't know how many memorial garden are there...

pusangkalye said...

Rev James Hoover is American and is a Christian I suppose?

Borneo Falcon said...

Yes, this is a public park. Probably due to its location, people don;t go to the park.

Rev Jame Hoover is an American and a Christian. I believe he is a Christian missionary.

There are a lot more parks here which I will highlight in my future post

Anonymous said...

The park looks simple but I like the 9 lamp posts that symbolize moral values, interesting.

Meanwhile, I posted a new article about National Palace Museum in Taipei. :)

Ketam said...

You can't find this sort of park in west malaysia

shawnn loo said...

Hey friend, U intro many places in Sarawak (sibu at Sarawak rite? haha I m not sure).

I will be there early next year. So it totally useful to me.

Nice 1... ^_^

Anonymous said...

wow.. so beautiful one..