Saturday, October 25, 2008

Inside the Computer Power Supply

Few months ago I opened a computer power supply to clean its internal from dust. This is a standard cheap power supply which cost around RM 60. It is never recommended to open up a power supply as the risk of getting electrocuted is imminent due to the charge storage capability of the capacitors. I been opening power supplies a few times and nothing bad had happened to me so far.

Top view of the power supply when opened up. Normally there are 2 heat sinks inside the power supply to dissipate heat from what appear to be transistors. For cheap power supply, the heat sinks are pretty light weight. High end power supply usually have a heavier heat sinks. Capacitors, diodes, inductors, transformers, transistors and etc can be seen from here. Basically the power supply convert the AC (alternating current) from the utility socket to DC (direct current) via a bridge rectifier as most computer equipments are powered by DC.

For a cheap power supply, these big capacitors had an operating temperature of 85 degree Celcius. This is also another features that differentiate it from a high end computer which had 105 degree Celcius operating temperature. The 80mm fan at the rear assist in the air flow inside the power supply and the computer casing by removing the hot air inside them.

However, all the smaller capacitors have an operating temperature at 105 degree Celcius (same as what I saw in a high end power supply). To clean its internal, use a compressed air duster. Give it a thorough spray and the dust will drop.


Anonymous said...

Thank's nice power supply!

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ooo, i am an idiot in this kind of stuff(^^). But, tat is interesting!

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Power supply....interesting posting.

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wah.. you power supply also clean.. really hardworking haha

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