Monday, October 6, 2008

Penis Health Care

I came across this nice article about penis health care from a local newspaper that is worth sharing.

The penis is easily a man's most guarded and revered appendage. As such, the penis commands a level of care and respect. Let's review some of the tips on penis health care that will keep you rising happily each morning

Penis is a sensitive organ, a point that should always be kept in mind during penis health care. For some odd reasons, many men feel the need to vigorously scrub their units with powerful soaps or disinfectants to keep clean. In fact, simple washing with warm water and a mild soap or non-soap cleanser is more than satisfactory.

Uncircumcised men should slide the foreskin back and wash with warm water, not soap. Then, be sure to dry the area very well. Both infrequent and too frequent washing have been associated with balanitis. If you do notice irritation, avoid scented soaps or shower gels and try warm salt water instead. New clothes or even new laundry detergents can also cause irritation

Self Examination
Particularly when sexually active, men should regularly perform genital self examination to identify testicular cancer or any sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that present themselves visibly. For testicular cancer, experts recommended that men practise it one a month after taking a bath. Not only is regular testicular examination a good way to catch testicular cancer early, but it also provides an opportunity to examine the penis and testicles for signs of an STI.

Red Flags
There are many red flags for STIs. Some of the major signs and symptoms of common STIs that you should be on the lookout for:
- Discharge from penis: The drip could be thick and yellow or it could be watery and very slight
- Change in smell or colour of semen
- Blood in the semen or urine
- Pain during sex or during urinating or ejaculating
- Pain in the pelvic area
- Flesh coloured or reddish bumps, sores or blisters on the skin of the genitals that may or may not itch
- Small blisters that turn into scabs on the genital area
- Soft, flesh coloured, cauliflower like warts around the genital area

Like it or not, your penis is with you until the end. As a source of procreation and pleasure, the penis commands proper care. So, take care of it properly.


onatdonuts said...

hahaha astig naman tong post mo...sabagay its helpful to detect if you're infected with STI (yung skul ba yun? hahaha) sexually transmitted infection.

astig naman nasa malaysia ka pala...

TZ said...

very informative... hehehe... Dude, is this how you will keep your penis clean and healthy? ;-)

Rintjez said...

Haha! It's funny yet very informative!

I will definitely pass this information to my boy friends!!! Hahaha!

Annoymous said...

that banana is carved.

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thanks buddy, i will keep it for the
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Dang, compare the size of the pen.. err i mean the bananas. The one in the paper is huge and the one you are holding is not so. Keeping it real my friend?

Nanaybelen said...

So I will not post STI in my medical nursing site anymore.
Very good post..this is a health education and men should not just laugh at this. they should take it seriously.

Revarius said...

Wow... - Change in smell or colour of semen how can we smell it?? huehehehe nice post for our genital health... heheheh i agree with you
the penis commands proper care. we have to care for it... that is our tool to create a new generation... and also to have a sex recreation heheheheheh just joking

pusangkalye said...

that's very informative indeed. Are you into an info drive? kekeke. very nice, very nice

Johnny Ong said...

scary indeed

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