Monday, October 13, 2008

Kutien Memorial Park

Kutien Memorial Park at Jalan Bukit Lima, about 4 km away from the town. One will be greeted with this giant arch on arriving to the park. If you have never been to Gutian in Fujian Province, visit the Jixiang Pagoda at the memorial park in Sibu and chances are you will come away feeling having traveled to that Suthern China country

Known the Auspicious Pagoda, the nine storey stone structure is a replica of the tower in Gutian built during the Sung Dynasty, about 1,000 years ago The ancient pagoda is an imposing landmark in Gutian, known for its mushrooms, and the one in Sibu is a spitting image of the original.

Built in 2003 by the Sarawak Kutien Association at the edge of the water lily and lotus pond in the park, it embodies the culture of the local Kutien community, one of the 10 Foochow sub-clans in the state.

To the local Kutien community, the Auspicious Pagoda symbolises their cultural link with their ancestral homeland, and to the Sibu community, it is a source of pride, having entered the Malaysia Book Record as the tallest, largest and heaviest (300 tons of solid granite) solid pagoda in Malaysia.

Another main feature of the Kutien memorial Park was a stone slab erected as a memorial for the early settlers who died trying to make a life in Sibu. Life was harsh back then. infrastructures were poor and diseases widespread. Many had died in the first few years

This stone slabs are the Kutiens witnesses from the world over, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Sitiawan, Cambodia and Canada who attended the opening ceremony of the memorial park

The park's surrounding is beautiful and worth venturing. A lot of folks jog around this scenic park. Shed and seat are plenty here to relax and soak into the atmosphere.

There is a pond in the middle of the park. Water lily seems to thrive here. I don't recall there were so many water lily in my last visit here.

At a corner of the pond, near the reflexology path, was the iconic symbol of Sibu town, the swan

One can even try the reflexology path. I hardly make a complete round as it hurts a lot half way

Along the park, there are also some animal structures.

There is a pavilion to commemorate the donors for this memorial park. The name of the donors are immortalized here. Behind the pavilion is an open air balcony and one can sit while enjoying the surrounding view and the pond.

Some of the photos taken around the park.

The memorial park should be accessible by public transport as I note a bus stop just in front of the park. However, I have no idea which bus to take

As usual, all the interesting places in Sibu was brought to the viewers in an environmental friendly manner as I cycled from my home to the park. The journey took me approximately 30 minutes.


Oman said...

i like all the photos but my favorite is the sculptures on the stones. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

wow very nice. must go there some time

eunice said...

Kutien is surely better than Taiping Lake Gardens. I went Taiping Lake Gardens many many years ago. And from what I could remember, it seemed to be nicer in the past. Right now, all I can say is the gardens are inadequately maintained. Perhaps Taiping is an old town, and not much development going on that's why.

me said...

by looking at all the photos it seemed like i've been to the place already.But it's really different when you get to experience the place first hand..

TNH said...

I ever when to one of the park in Sibu..but not seem like this one..just forgot the name...this Memorial Park is much more better than the one i have been to in Sibu

Anonymous said...

Very nice pics! Nowadays memorial parks are unlike those old types which are spooky. It's like a garden and of course, a peaceful place!
I've been to the Nilai Memorial park, it's also something like this and you also can find loads of lotus floating in the pond.

shawnn loo said...

This is very interesting. attractive view....

Nowonder u took so many picture lar.... ^_^

pusangkalye said...

I donno that you are in China falcon---are you still there? for how long?---looks like a fun fun trip.

Ketam said...

i didn't know Sibu has such a beautiful place!

Johnny Ong said...

its nice to be at such gardens ... away from the busy city life

Anonymous said...

I never knew so many facts about this park!

Anonymous said...

This is an example of that we don't have to go very far to explore :-)

How many water Lilies, I've never seen so many at the same time!!! Very beautiful!!!