Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hair Cut

I almost never went to high end saloon to get a hair cut. Since I was a kid, I been getting my hair cut from old barber shops in Sibu. These old barber shops are now in a decline with a few closed down for the past few years. They might not exist anymore in the near future as the younger generation no longer patronizing them.

Most of these barber shops now operated at the back lane of the shop houses opposite the Sibu Central Market (near Supershan Supermarket). Nothing fancy here. Just an open air barber shop.

This is the owner of one of the barber shops whom I known for years. I been here ever since I was still a student. My hair is usually done in less than 10 minutes.

Most of this traditional barber shops still using this antique chairs. I suspect this chair had been around ever since the colonial time. It is still in good condition. There is no tears to the leather.

The owner hung his business license at his premise. On top of his license is the price list of the hair cut. Well, it been hung there for ages and the price list no longer valid now as the price had increased for the past few years. Back when I was a student, it was RM3, then RM4, RM5 and recently RM6. I really hope they don't jack up the price again in the near future but I can understand why they increase it in the first place, the higher cost of living and inflation.

Well, this is how I look like after the hair cut. It's not fashionable but still neat.


Johnny Ong said...

suddenly u have gone on the antique trail in the last 2 blog postings ... hehe

TNH said... do i..i also didn't go to high end saloon..because i just want to keep my hair short and it is no worth to pay more for thier high class but in the end i can get the same result with a cheaper price...

Anonymous said...

i used to go to saloons that were in houses and now seems to be quite extinct too... nowadays i just get my haircut in some moderate high end saloon.

if u like photography... black and white photograph of that barber shop will be priceless in the future...

pusangkalye said...

a slight change in haircut in my case could spell disaster so I prefer to go to salons. But I have to admit I used to have my hair done in places like these when I was in high school too..........

Anonymous said...

Such an interesting post. I love old things, whatever it might be. It's the wings of history that catches me. And I love old people because they have soooo much to tell you, if you listen!

Such a pity that they're disappearing. Sometimes I do not like changes.....

I have something more modern, I think, at least in some matters, Sunday post - and more is to come.

I hope I got you curious now.... *giggles*

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you look gooooood with the new haircut :-)

Reanaclaire said... leng chai.. hendsem leh..
nearly couldnt recognise u.. *grin*

the spool artist said...

i'd always go to barber shops like that here in cambodia for the simple reason that toni&guy or franck provost doesn't exist here!

but you know what? i am not complaining because i can:
a.) have a hair cut
b.) have my beard and moustached shaved, trimmed or shaped
c.) have a shampoo
d.) have a head massage
e.) have my ears cleaned (it's a special treatment here that is quite popular!)
f.) have an english-khmer language lesson

... all for a whopping package price of US$ 2 !!! You can't beat that!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hey, i am bek. Ur hair looks neat(^^). Thanks for constantly supporting my blog. U r the best blogger friend ever(^^)