Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Permai Lakeside Corridor

Lake Permai in Sibu seems to be given a new lifeline with the new development at one corner of the lakeside called Permai Lakeside Corridor.

The most prominent structure is the "Baruk" style shed. Obviously, the open space and square here are capable to hold a small event or function.

The "Baruk" style roof is made of combination of translucent glass and colourful zinc material. There is a viewing platform on this structure and it is the prefect spot to have a complete view of the surrounding area and lake.

A new restaurant restaurant featured here is ideally beside the lakeside where diners can enjoy the lake view while enjoying the food. The restaurant here did not sell pork.

Several activities are also been introduced such as renting a boat to maneuvering around the lake. There is also a small mini golf course for beginners to improve their stroke.

This is probably the only paint ball facility/field in Sibu. Definitely a place to organize team building programme or just simply have fun.

In 2010, the lake was plagued with the deadly Leptospirosis but those are a thing of the past as it has been declared safe by the Health Department sometime ago.

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escape said...

looks like a really good spot for wakeboarding. calm lake.