Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ES Teler 77

I was at the old part of KL when I stumbled this food outlet, ES Teler 77 which is just situated next to the Central Market. Wanting to taste something new, I browse through their menu and figure out they serve Indonesian style food.

There are a number of food choices to pick on, either a rice or noodle based meal. I opted for Mie Pedas Special (Special Hot Noodle). The price is fairly reasonable at RM 8.90 which comes with a bowl of noodle and a hot soup.

The noodle is tasty and topped with minced meat. This dish actually remind me of the signature dish at my hometown, the kampua noodle.

The soup is kept warm by a burning fire underneath. It consists of vegetable, meatballs and wanton with traces of minced meat. Definitely go well with the spicy noodle.

I ordered ES Cendol (RM 5) and its taste varied slightly from the local version as they add jack fruit to it which gave it a little distinctive taste.

The restaurant is actually a 3 storey building and I took my place on the first floor where I can observe the hustle and bustle just outside the Central Market.


escape said...

the name itself is already unusual. who wouldnt be interested. the tiles on the last photo are actually interesting as photo subject.

Unknown said...
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