Saturday, February 26, 2011

Putra Card

The current monthly pass introduced by Nadi Putra will be phased out in March 2011 and be replaced with a brand new travel card, known as Putra Card.

Putra Card applied the same concept as the Touch n Go card used in the Klang Valley. It is primarily aim at frequent user of the Nadi Putra bus commuting various places around Putrajaya.

The card validity will be based on the available days left on the card, meaning that the owner of the card have limitless travel on that particular day. One will have an option to top up with RM20 for 35 days (student RM10) or RM10 for (student RM 5) 17 days.

To use the card, just put the card on the scanner beside the bus driver and a receipt will be printed out with the number of available days printed on it.

It's still a bit vague as to where the top up machines will be located around Putrajaya as the management itself fail to clarify on this issue.

The Putra Card has a personalized touch to it. It has the owner's photo, name and identification number. If the owner lose the card, the available days left on the lost card can be transferred to the replacement card (there will be a penalty of RM15 for the replacement card).

The downside of applying Putra Card is one need to fill up a form (photo is compulsory) and submit the form at Nadi Putra Depot at Precinct 9. It will take 3 working days to get the card ready and one can opt to collect it at the Depot or Putrajaya Sentral Station.

I been using Nadi Putra bus for a year now and I actually still keep all their previous monthly passes. Kudos to Nadi Putra for the many improvements done around Putrajaya with a clear objective of encouraging the people to use the public transport system here. The Putra Card is another one of their innovation product and I am looking forward to see more coming in the near future.

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