Monday, March 28, 2011

The Royal Malaysian Navy Museum

The Royal Malaysian Navy is one of the military branches in Malaysia. The museum is devoted to it is situated opposite the Maritime Museum in Malacca.

It acts as a documentation centre and a store of information on the history, development and activities of the the Royal Malaysian Navy up to the present time.

The WASP HA5 MK 1 helicopter model seems to be the centre stage inside the exhibiton centre.

The exhibits include portraits of the commanding officers of the RMN, service medals, badges of rank, uniforms, communication equipment, safety equipment and the flags used at sea.

Various model of warships owned by the RMN to guard the nation's coastline.

Behind the museum is a real warship where visitor can actually climb onboard to get a feel of working onboard a war vessel.

The museum is worth going for those military enthusiasm. Entrance to this museum is free with the purchase of the Maritime Museum ticket.


Bram said...

How much will the ticket cost if let's say I'm not visiting the Maritime Museum?

Borneo Falcon said...

If you are lucky, they will just let you in for free. There is no ticket counter in this museum. The ticket counter is at The Maritime Museum, RM 3 for adult

Bengbeng said...

i never been to this place