Friday, March 18, 2011

Prince Triple Threat Scream

The Prince Triple Threat Scream badminton racket is more or less the sister racket to Prince Synergy as they almost have the same specification and price tag.

This racket was originally sold at RM 169 but was given a 30% discount. They even threw me a badminton bag with the purchase.

As mentioned earlier, it shared the same specification with Prince Synergy racket in term of weight (86g), balance, string pattern and recommended tension (25lbs). The only difference is the characteristic of its shaft (medium stiffness).

Some of its features documented around its frame is the titanium tungsten carbon located around 2 and 1o o'clock of the frame. The manufacturer claims the advanced carbon technology is for ultimate power and control for the player.

Triple Threat is a unique balanced weighting system that focus exclusive material in 3 critical racket points: 10 & 2 o'clock and at the bottom of the frame, resulting in perfect balance and stability in the game.

The Triple Threat Scream definitely feel lighter than Synergy even though they weight the same.

Triple Threat Scream has a thinner frame head compare to Synergy which result in less power when performing smashes.

Even though it was strung with the same string and tension as the Synergy, Triple Threat Scream definitely has a character of its own. It suits a control player who is focusing on accurate shot and shuttle control.

It is not my favourite racket as I usually used it when I am almost drained. It still a decent racket though for normal play.


wenn said...

lovely ones!

ChrisAu said...

I never used prince rackets was it? I just got myself two Apacs racket - Lethal 11 and Lethal 7 Offensive. Haven't tried lethal 7 yet.