Monday, March 14, 2011

Teratak Riverview

Teratak Riverview is a secluded place, located between the State of Perak and Selangor in Tanjung Malim. This is the perfect place for those who prefer to get closer with mother nature.

The main attraction here will be the cool refreshing Bernam River which also act as the border for the state of Selangor and Perak.

The place is divided into 2 parts (chalet and the camping site) and connected via the suspension bridge unless one is willing to wade the river to get across to the other side.

The camping site and the dorm room is located on the Perak side. I'ts very hard to receive a telephone line here unless one try to make a call from the edge of the suspension bridge where there might be a weak signal on the mobile phone.

For those who opt for a more comfortable stay, the chalets are available on the Selangor side. However, there are some health concerns too while staying in the chalets as the ever present lizards at the ceiling with their droppings while you were sleeping.

Walking down through the river, I notice this damaged structure. It appears like a bridge which once connects Perak and Selangor back during the colonial era and destroyed during the Japanese occupational period.

With the secondary forest as the background, Teratak Riverview is a perfect place for team building event .

I get a chance to play my very first paint ball here. I got shot pretty bad with some bruises at the abdomen and thigh area. I actually use the rubbish bin lid seen here as a shield during my battle with the more formidable team inside the woods.

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escape said...

few more width and the river can actually be good for tube rafting.