Friday, December 24, 2010

X'mas Decoration At Alamanda

After seeing the X'mas decorations around KL malls, it is time I showcase the decorations at my "second" hometown in Putrajaya.

Alamanda is the sole shopping complex in Putrajaya where majority of the residents here don't really celebrate Christmas. However, the management still able to put together some decent decoration for the festive season.

The main theme is the giant shoes with a few figures in Santa costume. It occupies a portion of the area at the main concourse.

It ain't complete if it did not come with a X'mas tree. The decorations here came a bit late as compare to other malls in the KL and Selangor. If I remember correctly, these decorations were only set up early this month.

Merry Christmas everyone!


wenn said...

that's beautiful! Merry Xmas!

a.R said...

alamanda...the one an only shopping complex...

Reanaclaire said...

At least Putrajaya also has some festive air there!

foongpc said...

The Xmas decor at Alamanda is not bad! Better than some other malls in PJ and KL!

Merry Xmas!! : )