Monday, December 13, 2010

Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar @ Pavilion

Malones is an Irish restaurant and bar outlet which is located in Pavilion and KLCC. They serve Irish beers and food in both of their outlets

Recently, I visited Malones at Pavilion. Happy hour is from 2-8pm so it might be a good time to get a pint of Irish beer. The waiters here are friendly and I feel very comfortable just sitting here and watch the world walk pass me.

I ordered a pint of Kilkenny (RM 20 during happy hour time) since it is getting popular lately here. It pours an amber red colour with a nice long lasting head. Taste slightly sweet initially but quickly changes to malty dry finish.

Kilkenny is smooth and easy to drink but it lacks the characters I am looking for.

Malones also serve Paulaner draught beer. I ordered 300ml (RM 18) and it went down well for me. I think the Paulaner sold here is a bit pricey compare to the other outlet which exclusively serve this brand of beer only.

A visit to an Irish restaurant will not be complete without sampling its traditional food. I recommend the Irish Stew (RM 24.90) where they serve generous amount of lamb. It was cooked with potato and carrot. It is delicious and able to lock my hunger until late night.


foongpc said...

I am not a beer drinker but I don't mind a pint of Kilkenny : )

Amusmentpr3 said...

yummy yummy..i want to be regular visitor to your i have added my link on my list....kindly add me too..thank you :):)

blee said...

i don't like beer..

Anonymous said...

The manager at this outlet named Jay or something is fucking cunt. Liar and no manners. Rude to customers especially local customers. Never going to be back there for sure.