Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Proton Innovative Cars Exhibition

Last week there was an exhibition on some pretty funky cars at the Complex D, Block D9 concourse in Putrajaya.

On closer inspection, the exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Transport which showcase the innovative cars created by the Proton's employees.

I am attracted to this car which looks like a gull with its doors up. All the vehicles here are powered with clean source of energy such as natural gas.

Some visitors might mistaken this vehicle as "bat mobile" with its prominent fins at the rear.

Some of the other cars which were on display. Most of the cars were modified extensively on the exterior casing from its original model such as Perdana, Gen 2 and etc.

This car (nicknamed Rhino Beetle) on the other hand was awarded the winner for the Proton Innovation Design in 2009. It has a spacious interior and run on 6 wheels.

Having said that, the exhibition has a hidden message to the civil servants here. It is aimed at educating the civil servants to "innovate" in their delivery system and problem solving skill in order to achieve a better overall result and performance.


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Nice cars.

Bengbeng said...

wow.. i never expected this from proton. they oways get such bad press

escape said...

oh wow! great cars. i would love to drive one except the last one. it looks funny.

Johnny Ong said...

but a few cars have ugly designs lah