Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baba & Siam Cafe

Baba & Siam Cafe has been established for some while now and I finally had the opportunity to dine there. It is located at Lorong Pahlawan 9 in Sibu. They also just opened another outlet called the Baba & Siam Cafe II in Blacksmith Road, right in the heart of Sibu town.

The interior looks posh and comfortable. Definitely an ideal place to unwind and have a pleasant meal.

Orange juice (RM 8) and Honey Sea Coconut with Lemon (RM 7.50). Taste OK but nothing special about them.

Spaghetti Bolognaise (RM 13.90) with cheese topping. A delicious meal with the right sauce and ingredient.

Thai style lamb fried rice (RM 15.90) . The cafe is known to served huge serving of fried rice (especially the Thai style pineapple fried rice) and I was relieved the portion is just right for me. The lamb are pretty tough to chew. Other than that, it is just a normal fried rice.

Overall, it ended out fine for both of us as we celebrated our wedding anniversary here last week.

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Reanaclaire said...

hi Chua.. Happy Belated Anniversary to both of you!!