Sunday, December 26, 2010

My 2010 X'mas in KL

I celebrated Christmas this year in KL to get a better picture of the atmosphere at the nation's capital on the eve of Christmas day.

Almost all the bars and pubs in the city's hot spot were packed to the brim. Shopping malls closed at 10pm and we got no place to hang out to kill some time while waiting for midnight. Hence, I decided to retreat to my favourite drinking place, Bavarian Bierhaus.

As predicted, the place was not packed at all. Just nice for us to have a peaceful drink and snack before the countdown.

I drank Franziskaner and Hoegaarden. The place ain't noisy and it's just my kind of place to unwind.

We ordered charred pork steak (RM 41) as supper rather than dinner. Nicely done with the apple topping. The restaurant never let me down when it comes to pork dishes.

The traffic in the streets to KL started to crawl at snail pace towards the midnight. It would be a nightmare to drive at this hour.

The most happening place would be the area around Pavilion Mall and Bintang Walk.

Party revelers were spraying snow flake (which in fact is a soap bubble) from an aerosol can at each other. For the record, my face was sprayed unexpectedly by some stranger and luckily it didn't affect my vision as it was a direct spray to my eyes.

The Bintang Walk was virtually filled with people and we had a very tough time just to negotiate our way back to the nearby hotel where we spent the night.

Let's not forget the rubbish left behind by the revelers. Tons of those snow flake spray cans were left lying around the street.


Bengbeng said...

Merry xmas dear friend n a happy new year to u n yr missus

soulesscloudy said...

wow.... Izzit at Wisma UOA?? hehehe... love there tooo

I AM A BLOGGER said...

heyya, Happy belated Christmas~~^^
u really had a good celebration~~

wenn said...

cans left around? these ppl r very irresponsible.

Borneo Falcon said...

soulesscloudy: Yes, Bavarian Bierhaus at Wisma UOA. Pretty much between Pavilion and KLCC

Thanks everyone!

soulesscloudy said...

Falcon - I working nearby.. hehehe.. very de nearby.... :P