Friday, December 10, 2010

My Very First Weizen Glass

To enjoy the full potential of bottled German Wheat Beer, it is essential to have the right glass. Hence, I finally invested in a Weizen glass.

I had been searching high and low to purchase a Weizen glass but to no avail. Somehow, I manage to come across a Franziskaner gift pack which comes with an original glass.

The gift pack comes with 5 bottle of Franziskaner beer and a Weizen glass. The whole set cost me a total of RM83.99 from Cold Storage.

It is a beautiful Weizen glass but unfortunately it comes with a 300ml glass. Ideally, it should be 500ml.

To unlock the wheat beer full potential and flavour, the right pouring technique must be executed as well. This is the end result of my first pour of the wheat beer into a Weizen glass. It forms quite a long lasting head. The beer tastes so much better the first time I tried Franziskaner bottle where I did not use the appropriate glass and pouring technique.

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