Friday, October 1, 2010

Air Itam Assam Laksa

While in Kek Lok Si temple, one must not miss tasting the famous Air Itam Assam Laksa which I reckon is the best in Penang as I still crave for it now. The stall is located at the Air Itam market.

The noodle used here is fresh thicker rice vermicelli which is much thicker than the regular dry one.

The fish used to make the broth is mackerel which is first poached, deboned and added to the soup together with lemongrass, chillies and tamarind to boil.

The noodles is first placed at the base of the bowl, after which Chinese lettuces, finely shredded cucumbers and onions, chopped pineapples and most importantly, mint leaves are added.

Then the piping hot soup is poured over it. This stall pour out the soup from the bowl back into the pot and then re-scoop the soup into the bowl again, repeating this action twice or thrice to make sure the entire noodles is piping hot.

To enhance the taste of the dish, it is topped with prawn paste and finely chopped ginger buds.

A bowl of Assam Laksa here now cost RM3. The price is definitely showing an upward trend as I did some research and found out it used to cost RM2.70 last year and RM2.40 in 2008

I will definitely make an effort to come here again just for a bowl of Assam Laksa if I were fortunate enough to step my foot in Penang again


Reanaclaire said...

ooooo..i love this laksa too.. near the big drain.. hahaha.. but remember to wear sleeveless and go.. hot con over there .. lol...

escape said...

this is the odd thing about posting food... we really hope we get to taste it. it looks good to taste.

TZ said...

I just went there and have a bowl of laksa...