Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bronze Kuan Yin Statue @ Kek Lok Si Temple

The Bronze Kuan Yin Statue in Kek Lok Si temple is the newest attraction here. Completed in 2002, it stands prominently at 30.4 m

The bronze statue is simply awesome from close up. However, visitors are not allowed to get close enough as construction work on the shelter is still ongoing.

Some of the other statutes adjacent to the bronze statue. I believe one day visitor will be able to go up to the statue viewing platform.

The view from here is spectacular. Georgetown and Penang bridge can be seen from a distant away.

It has a beautiful pavilion and a small prayer hall. A Chinese zodiac garden is located in front of the prayer hall.

This is the view of the inclined lift station. It serves as the only access point to get here.


escape said...

i can see how big those statues are. beautiful park.

Florence said...

You have a nice pic and of course Nice blog template. How do you arrange money to go to those places? I always want to travel to many places but I need to collect money first. do you go all alone or always with friend?