Monday, October 18, 2010

Strongbow Cider

Recently I came across Strongbow in a local supermarket for RM 9.29 and decided to give it a try since it has been sometime now I taste an apple cider.

Strongbow is a cider brand manufactured in England by Bulmers since 1887.

Strongbow got its name from the Cambro-Norman knight, Richard de Clare, nicknamed "Strongbow" for relying heavily on Welsh archers during campaigns in Ireland, where the native Irish had few bows and relied on javelins.

The cider is made from fermented apple and sugar with alcoholic strength of 5.3%

Strongbow might not been the best cider in the market. For the best cider, head to the Coronation Tap in Bristol


escape said...

5.3% alcohol! any alcohol makes me turn red.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you please tell me which supermarket u got it from?? I'm trying to search for it high & low!! Thanks alot!!

Borneo Falcon said...

I got it from Cold Storage

Anonymous said...

Wow... that is sweet news!! Thank you!!!!! Which state did you buy it in?? Don't wanna get my hopes to high.. but am kinda excited!! :D Thanks again :)

Borneo Falcon said...

I saw it been sold in Cold Storage in KL, Selangor and Putrajaya.

You can get the draught version too from selected pubs around KL