Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sibu BASE Jump 2010

It was fortunate enough that my recent trip back to my hometown coincide with the annual Sibu BASE jump.

This is the 2nd time Sibu become the venue for this event. BASE is an acronym that stands for four categories of fixed objects from which a person can jump namely buildings, antennae, spans (bridge) and earth (cliff).

All the preparation and inspection of the parachute and its associated instrument was carried out at the concourse of the shopping mall within Wisma Sanyan.

Participants had to jump from the 27th floor of the majestic Wisma Sanyan.

While gliding down, the jumpers should be rewarded with the beautiful scenery of the mighty Rejang River and its surrounding.

This was their last jump for the 2nd edition of the Sibu BASE jump on 16th October 2010 at 2.45pm. The jumpers jumped one after another and it was a sight to be behold.

The best part was everyone will have a chance to take photos with the friendly jumpers.

Some of the returning BASE jumper is Gary Cunningham. Good to see him back again for the jump this year.

I must admit Lady Luck was on my side as I am able to witness this event in my very short visit back home. I just hope I will be around again next year for the jump.


escape said...

whoa! jumping from a 27th floor building is crazy! id rather jump from a building that has 50floors.

amazing people.

Anonymous said...
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