Thursday, October 28, 2010

Munich Gastro Bierhaus

I finally manage to visit Munich Gastro Bierhaus in IOI Boulevard, Puchong as I was dying for some German wheat beer. It has quite a relaxing atmosphere as the place is not noisy and crowded in the afternoon.

I ordered Erdinger Hefe (which means unfiltered wheat beer in German). Erdinger beer is mostly served in German bars here recently and I have yet to taste it.

Erdinger is served from draught in a 500ml glass (RM 28). I must say I am quite disappointed with Erdinger as it is a good wheat beer but not as stunning as the other wheat beers I had tasted so far. Somehow, it is hard for me to detect the key banana and clove notes in the flavour. However, Erdinger Hefe is easy to drink and refreshing on a hot afternoon.

I ordered another wheat beer, the Franziskaner Dunkel (which mean dark wheat beer in German). Again, this came from a draught and served in a 500ml glass (RM 28).

This is again another disappointing drinking experience as Franziskaner Dunkel failed to lived up to my expectation (as I previously drank Franziskaner Hefe and I was impressed). Its taste was subtler than the Hefe version but still has the underlying flavours which distinguished it as a wheat beer.

Maybe I had made the wrong choice but I will definitely try the Weihenstephan which I heard very good review about this wheat beer.


soulesscloudy said...

wow.. nice nice... i just went to Bavarian Bierhaus at Wisma UOA.. but no chance to taste the beer coz weekday lunch.. need to work..

Kenn said...

The Weihenstephaner will shame both the Erdinger and the Franziskaner : )