Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Net Cafe @ Batu Ferringhi

While in Batu Ferringhi on a hot afternoon, we stumbled The Net Cafe to have a quick lunch and refreshment. It is located opposite the Tarbush restaurant.

The cafe offers visitors with an open air dining area. They specialized in North & South Indian Cuisine, Western, Seafood and local delight.

I ordered a Lassi (RM5) and it is simply refreshing on a hot day. It is a combination of yogurt, water, milk and Indian spices.

I opt for the lamb pizza (RM16.90) and the portion is enough to feed 2 person. The pizza is delicious with a hint of Indian spices to it

This is one catching phrase used by the cafe. Since, I am satisfied with the service and food, I am sharing with others through my site. By the way, the cafe did not charge any service charge or tax for the food here. Another plus point!


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Margaret powell said...

Every time I go back to Penang this is one of my first stops. It may not be the Ritz but the food is amazing. I can't wait to go back in March.

Unknown said...

I am here right now and I am having trouble finding it. I was here last 2004 and loved it. I fear it may have closed down. Anyone able to confirm?