Sunday, June 7, 2009

Transformers Armada: Galvatron

Galvatron and Megatron is basically the same thing. Megatron was basically been repaired and power boosted by the Mini-Cons in the Armada series (and hence rename himself Galvatron) after been badly damaged by Nemesis Prime.

Packaging by Takara. Galvatron is basically a repaint of Megatron who is mainly green in colour. I think Galavatron is much better looking than Megatron with the mixture of white and purple colour, which reminds me of the G1 Galvatron.

The package comes with Galvatron, Mini-Con Clench and 3 missiles

Galtaron's alternate mode is a tank. Nothing out of the ordinary except for the claw just below the cannon.

The tank had a ramp and a claw on the right side and a Mini-Con "Prison" on the left side. Unfortunately, the "Prison" is not big enough to even keep a Mini-Con.

Mini-Con Clench is a armoured truck in his alternate mode

The Mini-Con will activate the Surface to Air Missile in Galvatron's alternate mode

In alternate mode, Galvatron can hold a maximum of 12 Mini-Cons

Galvatron in robot mode with Tidal Wave. In the cartoon series, Tidal Wave is way bigger than Galvatron

Galvaton and Optimus Prime in their respective alternate mode

Galvatron and Optimus Prime. Notice how "tiny" Optimus is compare to Galvatron. In cartoon series, both seems to be about the same size.

Galvatron and Optimus Prime Super Mode. Now, Optimus Prime Super Mode is way too big when compare with Galvatron. I think the size between these two leaders were an issue back then and was rectified in their subsequent toy line, the Energon and Cybertron series.

Galvatron can conveniently place his cannon below his arm pit to take a shot at his enemy.

For more firepower, the tank's turret can be turn 180 degrees. This will bring forward all his weapon system which include the missiles and Clench forward.

This is how Galvatron and Optimus Prime look like in full battle mode

In robot mode, Galvatron can hold a record of 15 Mini-Cons, more than any Transformers (Unicron not included)

Clench can transform to a gun for Galvatron to use. Clench can also transform to a weapon and attached to the port at Galvatron's arm as a ready to use weapon.

A retracable knife is also hidden on Galvatron's left arm

Clench can be attached to Galvatron's right shoulder according to the manual. This arrangement is not seen in the cartoon series.

Another arrangement not seen in the cartoon series were the placement of 3 missiles on Galvatron's left shoulder.

For more fire power against the Autobots, Galvatron can combine with Tidal Wave to form Burning Galvatron. The backpack will give Galvatron aerial capability, the left arm attachment as shield and the right arm attachment as series of laser cannons.

Let's see how Burning Galvatron and Jet Prime square off.

Galvatron has a perfect 10 in his bio card and without doubt my favourite toy in the Armada series


Anonymous said...

cool bro.... !! Looks like you're a transformer fan. And I thought Megatron is changed into, there's Galvatron. Anyway, Im not a transformer fan. Wonder how many toys u have?

Kev said...

WOW!! Each time I see a Transformer model in the toy store, I'd wish that I could own one of them. Bet it costs a bomb to own what you own.

I'm eagerly waiting for Transformers 2 in the cinemas.

Asian Traveler said...

What a great collection of Transformers toys you have.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hahaha, another transformers. Ooo, the jet prime is very big!!!!

RiP666 said... review bro

Ben said...

Chang Yee,

Your post on galvatron is pretty educational. I never know that megatron has reincarnation in the form of battle tank ... you're really superb fan of transformer! ;)