Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kampung Jepak

Kampung Jepak is about 23km from Bintulu town by road. It is accessible from the Bintulu-Sibu road.

Kampung Jepak is a fishing village with the majority of the people here are of Melanaus and Malays.

The traditional lifestyle is still visible here. I notice one fisherman mending his fishing net at his own house.

The most bustling area will be the jetty which face the Kemena River. I believe the rows of motorcycles belongs to the people here who park their vehicle here and take the boat ride across the river to Bintulu.

Kampung Jepak is separated from Bintulu town by Kemena River. Bintulu town can be seen from here.

There is a lot of fishes on sale here at the jetty. The fishes sold here are all very fresh. Since there is no price tag, I assume the price can be bargained.

The people in Kampung Jepak are also surprisingly friendly. I'm very impressed with their friendliness.

One can also get to Kampung Jepak from Bintulu town by taking this small wooden boat for a fee from the jetty

Stalls can be found around this area where one of its famous product, cincaluk (salted shrimp) can be found. Cincaluk is actually shrimp paste that is pickled and served as a side dish. Chilies and lime can be added to give it more flavour and eaten with cucumbers or in a meal with rice.

Kampung Jepak defintely has potential as tourism destination for Bintulu. With its traditional lifestyle, fresh fishes, local products and friendly people, I have no doubt it will materialize one day.


jam said...

Thanks for sharing! I never knew such a place before.

Josephine said...

I like cincaluk, but it isnt healthy.
Bought a bottle during my Malacca trip, but it spoiled withing 2 months and I had to throw it away...

JL said...

lol at the uncle who showed his big fish to the camera :D

amycheah said...

Wow the fishes must be very very fresh. Oh yes, I love's been a long long time dy never eat cincaluk.

Bengbeng said...

I will b in Bintulu this weekend too :) I hope I dont fall asleep driving. :)

Xin said...

is it cincaluk made by homemade or small scale industry? if factory, can reply to