Monday, June 22, 2009

Minshi Corner @ Bintulu

While in Bintulu, we had our dinner at Minshi Corner at Parkcity Commercial Centre, not far away from ParkCity Mall.

The service here is a bit slow as only one person can take food order, who also happen to be the owner of the shop. His employee can only take drinks order. Hence, we have to wait for sometime to take our food order as there were a few tables before us.

This is one of their signature dish, the mix seafood soup. It has a mixture fish, sea cucumber, prawns, clam, mushroom, Chinese cabbage and etc. It is surprisingly delicious.

"Siao Bai Chai". Satisfactory.

Another signature dish of this restaurant is the thinly sliced pork (boneless) served either hot or cold. We opt for the cold. By the look it does not look tasty at all but look can be deceiving. Dip the meat slice to the sauce and it tastes really good!

The restaurant definitely offer some interesting and delicious dishes we had not come across, even in our hometown. I do not have the breakdown of the individual price for every dish but it cost us a total of RM50 (with a can of Sundrop)


mhel said...

Wow, a one-man show. He must be working double time in the kitchen. Glad to hear you like the food.

Meanwhile, have you tried to ride on a kicir kicir? You wanna see it? Read my article about Kicir-Kicir at Eropa. :)

Superman said...

saw that shop in Bintulu but didn't try. Will try next time. The sliced pork is something different.

escape said...

the thinly sliced boneless pork is what ill go after there. hahaha... with spicy sauce! perfect!

soulesscloudy said...

wow... the mix seafood soup seems very delicious.. i want i want

foongpc said...

The mixed seafood soup looks delicious! : )

Ciela said...

All those food looks really yummy!
Chinese dishes are really good!