Friday, June 19, 2009

Pasar Utama Bintulu

Pasar Utama Bintulu (Bintulu Main Market) is located at Main Bazaar Road, just next to Bintulu Promenade . It is a place to source for fresh vegetables, fruits, sea food and meat in the town.

The shape of the market's roof resemble the shape of Terendak or Melanau Headgear. The Terendak is another famous product from this town.

I was enjoying the chance to mingle with small time traders and their friendliness attending customers at this market. The market is separated into 2 sections, the meat section and the vegetable/fruit section

Day's necessities, either freshly harvested or nutritiously preserved are easily available at affordable rates at this premier market place. Photo shown above is from the vegetable/fruit section.

The meat section is an interesting section. This is the most clean and neat layout I ever come across in any wet markets in Malaysia.

All the seafood (I even saw small sharks) sold here are fresh and at very reasonable price. We don't get to see so many varities in my hometown.

Just behind this market is a small wharf where the fishermen offload their catch to this market. No wonder the seafood sold here are so fresh.

On the first floor of the market is a food court and stalls selling souvenirs and etc.


Anonymous said...

eh the pasar looks cleans huh..
not like normal pasar.. haha.. =D

JL said...

Knowing that there's a fishing wharf to get fresh fish is a plus for the market.

Bengbeng said...

i was curious abt this building with this terendak roof which i saw from the fishing boat. my frens didnt know wat it was. again i had to find out from yr blog :)

I AM A BLOGGER said...

like any other market, but it seems to be more organise and neater. but, small shark????