Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oasis is the name given to a roundabout/mini park which reflect a haven at the centre of Bintulu town. Oasis is located directly opposite Pasar Tamu Bintulu at the intersection of Main Bazaar Road, Queen Road and Abang Galau Highways

A fountain structure majestically formed the centre portion of this mini park in the shape of the Melanau's traditional headgear, "Terendak".

The fountain is operational at night. For some reason the authority decided not to activate the fountain during daytime.

It offers a nice place for a photo taking or merely just for taking a short break before continuing explore the town


xsigns said...

Luckily you were not caught for vandalism (standing on the fountain where you should not be)! The Borneo Daredevil reporter is back in business it seems!

Superman said...

Wow, you really go down to the roundabout to take photo of the Oasis. I passed many time there but never go there. Look nice in the photo.

JL said...

I really love all these parks and pavements in Bintulu. We do have parks here but it's definitely not as extensive as Bintulu's.