Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Regency Plaza Hotel Bintulu

The Regency Plaza Hotel Bintulu is probably the best hotel in the heart of Bintulu Town. It is located conveniently at Abang Galau Road. The hotel was opened in 1990.

We stayed in this hotel since this is the only hotel that offer basement parking since we drove to Bintulu. However, I don't really feel secure at all even though there is a security personnel at the basement as at random time, he is not even around.

There is a large open space concourse which belongs to the hotel. I believe this area was once a dining area for the restaurant.

The main lobby is spacious and tastefully decorated. We were here during Gawai celebration and hence the decorations that reflect the celebration were visible here.

The waiting area at the lobby is also comfortable with lots of chairs and tables in a relaxing surrounding.

The corridor leading to our guestroom is also wide and comfortable. Some new paintings can also be found hanging at the wall.

Interestingly, there is also a wooden hornbill icon display at the corridor. There is also the description of the significance of such icon to the Iban tribes here.

I notice a Wifi router on the way to our room and I realized all the rooms here are Wifi connected.

The guestroom is clean, spacious and beautifully decorated and I am extremely satisfy with my room. The room rate is RM 132.25 (promotional rate due to Gawai). The normal room rate I heard is around RM150-180.

The bed and pillow are comfortable. My only issues are the very cold air conditional and the sound of the spinning air conditional compressor blades outside this room which is quite audible while we were trying to get some sleep at night.

The usual tea and coffee making facility. A complimentary 2 bottles of drinking water are also included.

The room view is also good. We can see the old Bintulu airport from here. Parkcity Everly Hotel and New World Suite also can be seen further away.

In the evening, people can be seen playing kites at the old Bintulu airport air strip. This is also the venue for the annual Borneo International Kite Festival

Breakfast is included in the room package and the buffet breakfast is served at Kemena Coffee House at the ground floor.

Here are some of the dishes I took from the buffet counter. Overall, all the food are satisfactory.

The tables at the Kemena Coffee House have coffee beans in it as decoration.

There is a lounge just beside the Kemena Coffee House where I believe some live band will be performed here on certain occasion.

I am quite satisfy with my stay here and will highly recommend this hotel to anyone when visiting Bintulu. However, I heard complains from my friends and family regarding the guest room here been old and etc. Based on my experience here, I kind of disagree with their opinions.


mhel said...

The hotel looks fine to me. Sometimes we have had different experiences in the hotel. I guess customers are likely to vary in their different needs and expectations.

TNH said...

I saw this hotel in a tour guide book before..what make me remember this building is that in the book, mention that this hotel located in Kuching.

Borneo Falcon said...

The hotel chain has one in Pending, Kuching named the Regency Rajah Court. They also had a resort at Kapit, Regency Pelangus

Josephine said...

The Coffee house looked quite small...

JL said...

I think this hotel is easily 4-star, with something like a 3-star rate :D

Angel said...

erm.. in my opinion.. itz not the best hotel in bintulu. Lol. The New World Suite might be better.. or Everly Hotel @ Beverly Hotel, I can't remember the name haha.. but yeah, datz wad i think.. lol..

BTU BOY said...

Hi there,

Would like to say that your comment regarding the best hotel in BTU is completely distorted. Do check out New World Suites (Parkcity Mall) or Everly Hotel the next time you make a trip here. Their rates are higher, but you will definitely feel the difference in class from the Plaza.

Just trying to voice out my opinion from a local's (Btu)point of view..


Anonymous said...

Hello there! Agree with BTU BOY.. My latest update... just came back from having buffet breakfast there..18 Jun 2011 10:20 am.. Was there as paying walk-in customer to join friends who have breakfast coupons..The service & food sucks!! Air con is like switched on fan. Cashier on duty has no customer service smile, sour faced, unfriendly & looks underpaid. So called free flow buffet was never top up when food finish. Greatly disappointed with all the bare trays when we arrived at arond 8.45 am. Much later after we voiced out to the cashier about no more food, she says 'kitchen is cooking'in an impatient voice.. after 45 min wait, only top up with some stale bread & miserable kuay teow and white porridge without any condiments. Paid RM48.70 for two persons, eating food way way less than what is being paid for. Could get much better food from coffee shop outside. I don't mind the price but we want quality & service!!!!!! That is what we expect when we come to the hotel! If there is no more food going to be replenish, should let us know & not allow us in for disappointment and paying for what is not worth it. Management, if you are reading this, please do something. Hotel has great potential due to locality and size..keep your customers..