Saturday, November 29, 2008

Around Sunway Hotel Georgetown

Sunway Hotel Georgetown location is ideal and most of the city's attractions are within walking distance.

Some of the famous Penang Biscuit stalls were just outside the hotel. I counted 3 stalls at New Lane

Penang Times Square at Jalan Dato Keramat is still under construction and will probably open soon. Another modern shopping complex in Penang, Times Square is just behind the hotel

Penang Times Square is probably constructed and managed by Ivory and its office is at this Birch House, just next to the Time Squares

There are 2 Hindu temples nearby the hotel at Jalan Dato Keramat. One of them is the Penang Nagarathar Sivan Temple.

There is another Hindu temple opposite the Penang Nagarathar Sivan Temple. Interesting thing is they drew something on the main road, in way of the temple's main entrance

Komtar building also can be seen vividly from the hotel. Komtar is the tallest and most prominent contemporary building in Penang. Situated in this 65 storey tower are government offices, private enterprises, restaurants and departmental stores

Adjacent to the famous Komtar tower is the Prangin Mall. Prangin Mall is the largest shopping mall in Penang.

There is also a departmental store called Gama nearby (Jalan Dato Keramat)

Lastly, the UMNO building

There are more attractions around Georgetown is within walking distance from this hotel. What I show here are probably within the 100m radius from the hotel. I even walk up to Fort Cornwalis from the hotel. I will highlight some of the attractions in my future post.


soulesscloudy said...

almost 5ive years never landed my feet at PG...

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Such a contrast between the temples and the other buildings.

Funny you should write about Penang and Georgetown right now - I just saw a travel program on TV about it and got curious!

Anonymous said...

wow! these are very nice photographs of penang. i would like to visit it someday. :-)

Anonymous said...

hi there! you present a very nice picture of a place...makes me want to travel . lol oh if only i can afford! :-0)

Anonymous said...

we wanted to visit penang after our indonesia trip. but well, finances hindered us. maybe next time...there is always a next time. ;-)

Ketam said...

used to stay in Penang for 6 years, miss the foods, beaches and green hills!