Saturday, November 15, 2008


Imbiah is what I consider the heart beat of the Sentosa Island and can be reached if one took the cable car or Sentosa Express via Imbiah Station. Most of the Sentosa Island attractions can be found here.

This is cable car plaza. This is where the cable car station is. While arriving here by the cable car, do grab a Sentosa Island Map.

The map can be useful as it highlights the attractions on the island as well as their location. The free Sentosa bus route is also shown in the map.

Once exiting the cable car plaza, there are 2 rows of stalls selling food and drinks. We manange to try the durian sold here and it was tasty.

Nearby the stalls, one can have a nice of the city. There are binoculars around this area to get a better view but one need to insert coin so the binocular will be operational for a few minutes.

Nearby here is the Images of Singapore (Admission fee of SGD10). The exhibit here promises to take visitors through Singapore's history and give them a sneak preview of the country's rich cultural diversity through multimedia shows and walk through settings. We never explore into it (there is an entrance fee for it) and I reckon it is worth visiting this exhibit.

There is also a beautiful water fountain where the kids like to play around it a lot. The fountain can be found after turning right after exiting the cable car plaza.

Nearby this water fountain is the bus stop. Imbiah Lookout is served by blue and red line buses. The buses ply this area quite often.

Walk a bit further down the bus stop is the Cineblast and the 4D magix. My package include entry into Cineblast (individual entrance fee, SGD16) and according to the tour guide, it is a "massage" chair experience. I don't think it is worth going as we were strapped into a computer synchronized seats that claim to simulate every bump and hair rising moment of roller coaster rides with the visual effect.

There are more attractions at Imbiah Lookout which I will highlight and bring you through in my next few posts.


Advertiser said...

I didn't know there is a durian kiosk! N not bad yeah, if they sell good durians! haha

Hmm, I think the skyline of Singapore is now spoilt by the IR construction. Ugly cranes, pillars, structures are everywhere in downtown.

How much did you spend in Sentosa? I always find it expensive to go Sentosa. Usually, Singaporeans who visit Sentosa are youngsters like students for beach activities.

Borneo Falcon said...

I easily spent over SGD100 per person on a full day at the island. It's hard to save with all the attractions available here.

I agree the Singapore skyline now is no longer spectacular with the ongoing construction

Nanaybelen said...

Durian fruit is one of the most expensive fruit here in the Philippines.
I don't like the taste yet , maybe I am not used to eat yet. Our Philippine Durian came from southern part of Phil. near Borneo

Johnny Ong said...

can't even recall when was the last time i had been to sentosa

GingGoy said...

i only was able to see Sentosa from mt. Faber when i was there in singapore. next time...

you have a nice travel blog. care to ex-links with my own blog? :P

Jonathan said...

Hi,I'm coming!!!
Underwater?so great!!!
I like dolphin too~